“But it’s so difficult; I could never do that.”

I hear that often from many people with whom I discuss my weight loss. It seems that self-control, motivation, and desire to be healthy and/or to lose weight loses out to short-term gratification. I talk to so many people who are miserable at their weight or unhappy with their declining health, yet they are unwilling to make choices that would preclude certain items from their diet.

Look, I never said it was easy. Heck, I think I’ve said more than a few times in previous posts that it’s hard work. However, I think that it really has to do with your mindset and what  you are willing to do.

Let’s take delicious foods that I can no longer eat. Spaghetti. Ravioli. Lasagna. You see where I’m going with this. All of those are super bad for me, and well, everyone else, too. Pasta is the “Debil!” I had to change how I looked at pasta: it’s a no-go. Ever. It wasn’t something I could “cheat” or eat every now and then. It’s not even something I will eat once I’m at my target healthy weight. It’s off-limits forever. Will I miss it? Absolutely. However, here’s the little trick I learned and it’s been working well for me: for every food I can no longer eat or have, there are hundreds or even thousands that are just as good or better for me, and in some cases, there are alternatives that while not wholly healthy, are healthier.

Paleo chocolate cake. Seriously. It’s amazing.

There are so many great foods out there that have healthy ingredients with no added sugar that I no longer miss the “bad” foods. Heck, Sherry even found a bread that we can have that is made with cashew butter instead of wheat. It is really good!

I will never find a 1:1 replacement for pasta. I don’t think it’s really possible, so for that reason alone, I’ve given it up. Forever. It’s drastic, but it works for me. In place of pasta, I eat many other foods that are super-delicious and healthy for me. Eating meals that taste great goes a long way toward making the tough decisions easier and it makes it easier to stick with a healthy eating plan. Eating the same salad or baked chicken breast day after day would kill me, and I’d have been back to eating horribly months ago.

Current weight: 219.1: 70.8 lbs lost. It’s a little slower in the past week than I’d like, but I lost another inch or two off my waist, so I’m not complaining. It’s not all about weight; I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

2 thoughts on ““But it’s so difficult; I could never do that.”

  1. Preach on brother E.J.

    I have one in my house (whose name I will not mention out of fear of death, but whom I think you know) who works out daily but is consistently disappointed in the results achieved. I have on many occasions mentioned that perhaps the disappointing results are due to diet and not lack of effort on the treadmill. The retort is most often something to the effect of “Well, I’m NOT going to starve myself to death”. Not what I said Dear. Just stop with the “it’s ONLY a couple of cookies” or “it’s just ONE Coke” or ” I HAVE to have potato chips with my super lean organically grown grass fed free range turkey sandwich on Ezekiel bread”. I don’t get it. This is a violation of one of my most beloved rules: You are not allowed to complain about an issue if you are not willing to do something to change/fix it. I mean, she is killing herself on the treadmill, why not invest less in sweat equity and commit more deeply to a diet that will provide the results she dreams of?

    If you don’t hear from me again it will be because she has found this entry and……


  2. It just takes time for people to realize it, I guess. Exercise is good; really good! However, it’s between 5-20% of weight loss. I can’t see exercising enough to burn calories taken in with a diet that isn’t low in sugar and carbs. It’s all baby steps, though. People have to get there on their own accord. Sugar addiction is like any other drug; people have to hit a low before they truly decide to kick the habit and eat better. I hope she gets there! She’s a lovely person and I hope she doesn’t find this. You’re a great guy, and I like seeing you around! 🙂


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