3 thoughts on “Vlog?

  1. Of course it’s a good idea. I wouldn’t replace your entire blog with it (and I don’t think you planned to), but to mix it up sometimes? Heck yeah! Go for it!

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  2. Awesome EJ! You have a fantastic personality and it really message really shines through. I didn’t feel any pressure and you presented the facts in a fun fashion. I do hope you make more videos!

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  3. EJ, this is perfect! It is fun to see you smile, to hear your voice and to experience your wonderful personality! You are living proof that Whole30 works, and to have the message delivered in person is inspirational and fun! Your blog is already amazing, and I never thought it could be better than it is, but you have just taken it to the next level! Thank you for all you do on a daily basis to keep us going in the right direction. Happy Vacation to you and Sherry! ❤️
    Gretchen in Oregon


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