The Ghosts of Halloween Past vs Halloween Present

This year was my first Halloween weighing less than 200 lbs since I was on active duty. My wife and I have been hosting Halloween parties for our friends for 14 years, and I was looking through some pictures the other day and found a few that really highlighted how far I’d let my weight soar.

2010: I was Wilford Brimley. I even shaved my skull a bit and dyed my hair gray.

Two years ago, my wife and I were characters from the video game Diablo III. We took a photo in which I thought we both looked pretty good (except for my skull cap: Sherry wouldn’t let me shave my head for the party). I still think we looked great! But then this year, as vampires, I think Sherry and I really hit it out of the park!

Halloween 2014 vs Halloween 2016.

We always have fun at our Halloween parties, and I don’t regret any of the costumes or looks we put together. I am happy that I can now do more, and I think I look better now, too.

I find I eat and drink a lot less at the parties now for a few reasons. First, as hosts, it’s important for us to be able to perform our duties such as greeting, introducing, and feeding. Second, even though the majority of the food we serve is Paleo-friendly, neither of us wants to over-eat. It makes us feel physically bad to eat too much now.

Paleo has changed a lot of things in our lives for the better. Who knew Halloween could be one of those things?

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