So, you overate at Thanksgiving. So did I.

A completely Paleo Thanksgiving.

Yep. I ate a lot. It was all Paleo, but it doesn’t matter. The amount of food I ate greatly exceeded my normal intake for food in the same period of time. The result: up five pounds. I expected this, and I knew that it would be a psychological hit. And yeah, I hate it. But, I was around great people that mean the world to me for two glorious days, and I enjoyed foods that they made with love. So yeah, I overate, but that’s because I was enjoying myself and living. I was in the moment.

Now, that moment has passed, and I need to get rid of the five pounds I gained. Admittedly, a lot of it will leave me in the next day or two naturally. I’ve yet to have my post-gorging bowel movement, so there’s that. As for the other two pounds, I’ll lose that by being really good at portion control. And then there’s also this thing I try to do every other day: running. I’ll put in an extra mile every day this week, most likely. Not that it’ll help me lose the weight, but it’ll help my mind with the psychological damage done by gaining so much weight in so little time.

My family: my daughter Gelli (top left), my son Brendon (middle), and Sherry. I’m the goofball on the lower left (of course).

The clothes all fit the same and I still look the same, although my gut looks a little softer today. I figure within a week or two, I’ll be back at my lean look and working toward 165. Until then, I will savor the memories of the great Thanksgiving we had this year, all the laughs and the stories, and of course, all the delicious foods we ate.

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