It’s not all perfection

2014v2016edge2I worry that people who read this blog will think that they don’t have a chance to match my success in getting healthy and losing weight because they can’t be “Perfect” in following their lifestyle or diet. I want everyone who reads this blog to know that I’m not perfect, either.

However, I do mitigate any potential damage by not being perfect by using a few strategies to get me through.

  1. I don’t consider sabotage acceptable. People call these “Cheat meals,” or “Cheat days.” I don’t do them. However, if I do slip and eat something I shouldn’t have, or eat more than I should have, then;
  2. Don’t continue down the slippery slope. So you ate a little bit more than you should have or had a few bites of pie or cake from your kids’ plate. Big deal. Just continue to stay the course, don’t pig out, and don’t keep eating that way.
  3. Avoid temptation altogether by avoiding delis or places that don’t have healthy options.
  4. Along with #3, get to know foods you can eat at each type of restaurant you go to. For example, I know I can always get beef or chicken fajitas at Mexican restaurants, or steak and most others.
  5. Exercise. I didn’t do any of this for the first year of my journey, but I do now. When I eat a little too much, I’ll add a mile or so to my run to mitigate the extra caloric intake.
  6. If all else fails, just forget the indiscretion and carry on. Tomorrow is a new day.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody can stick to this 100% without a treat here and there. That’s what living is about: the little experiences and treats. I have been very happy in my journey because I don’t beat myself up if I go off-plan for a little bit. I enjoy life, I have some alcohol or sweets every now and then, and then I get right back up on that horse and ride it hard. The more important thing is to stay on for the long haul. That’s where the magic happens.

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