I was asked to buy chocolate: “I don’t eat that anymore.”

I was asked to buy some chocolate for a charity today by someone who I’ve known for about a year. Granted, they didn’t know me when I was overweight, so they probably don’t know that I no longer eat candy anymore. I told them, “Sorry, I don’t eat candy anymore.” Before the conversation got weird and Paleo, I asked how much the chocolates cost. She told me $2, so I just gave her $2 and told her to give one to the next kid she sees.

I know; giving candy to children isn’t great, either. However, as kids are more active and growing, and as these were chocolate, I figured it’s the lesser of the possible evils. I guess I could have bought one and just thrown it away, but that’s a waste of chocolate, and even if I’m not going to eat it, I can’t justify throwing it away. I have a long past with chocolate.

Fortunately, I wasn’t tempted by the chocolate. I no longer get triggered by seeing, smelling, or being around foods that I no longer eat. I enjoy the smell, actually, but that’s about it. The closest I’ve come to being tempted was yesterday at lunch when the waiter brought out some amazing artisan breads with duck grease spread. That was hard to resist, but I did. Chocolate? Easy-peasy.

There’s no point in being difficult when someone is selling snacks I no longer eat. If it’s just a few dollars, I figure donating to the cause is probably the right thing to do, and heck, without taking product, their profits should be larger thereby helping the cause more. They are free to sell what would have been sold to me to someone else or, in the case of the chocolate above, at least give it to someone who otherwise couldn’t afford it themselves. Either way, it’s a win-win in my book.

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