Product Review: Paleo by Maileo

I was contacted by Paleo by Maileo and asked to review their Paleo-themed monthly subscription box, and I gladly agreed. Being that my wife and I both are constantly on the lookout for new Paleo products, this offering was right up our alley! Yesterday, I received my box, and was greeted by a cute cartoon pig flying with a jet pack!


Here’s a closeup of the logo. I think it’s cute!



Opening the box, I found a huge bunch of full-sized Paleo snack options. These are not samples, but actual usable products that you would find in a store or online. This month’s box contained no fewer than eight products, each of which are items I’ve either bought or tried in the past (or had similar items).


The first thing I tried was the PaleoKrunch Cinnamon. Wow! These are actually pretty out of this world, and it’s a good sized bag that could be kept at the desk for a week or two for the occasional snack when necessary. I really liked these as did Sherry.

I claimed the Heavenly Organics Pomegranate Chocolate Honey Patties for myself and I didn’t share. These were, well, for lack of a better word, heavenly. The chocolate is very dark and paired with the honey and pomegranate, an amazing treat. I could eat these anytime and they would put a smile on my face.

The RX Bars have long been a favorite in our household, and I have at least one in every backpack, day bag, and other small bags that I own. They are a great meal replacement in the event you can’t make a lunch or missed breakfast. They are also made with very simple and basic ingredients and is my go-to meal replacement.

My wife tried the Larabar as her dinner replacement last night since she worked late and missed her regular dinner, and she said it curbed her hunger and allowed her to go to sleep without feeling hungry. She has been a huge Larabar fan for a long time, so this one made her happy.

I’ve yet to try the rest: I didn’t want to eat it all in one setting!


The cost for these boxes to be sent to you monthly is $37-$39 per month depending on how long you sign up for. Taking into account boxing, shipping, and the cost of the products themselves, that seems fair to me especially when you factor in the convenience and fun factor of getting introduced to new Paleo stuff monthly. Heck, Sherry and I went to Paleo|fx last year primarily to find Paleo products! You can do the same thing just by subscribing to Paleo by Maileo.

For those looking to be introduced to new Paleo products monthly (the contents of the box changes monthly) or for you old-hat Paleo people who just like getting an assortment of Paleo goodies sent to you monthly, this is a great option. There is nothing here that felt, looked, or tasted cheap or otherwise sub-par. The products are all well-known and high-quality.

Give them a try. I think you’ll find some really neat stuff using this service and you won’t have to scour the Internet to do it! Oh, and bonus: everything that comes in the box can then be bought through their own website which makes it easy for you to re-order items you found in your monthly box that you love.

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