A Day Without Paleo: Our Day of Eating and Drinking Everything

Sherry and I beginning our day of adventure and fun for our annual Valentine’s Month.

Yesterday was one of the days my wife and I took to celebrate Valentine’s Month. We don’t celebrate on the 14th; we use the month of February to do special, thoughtful things for each other that are out of the norm. We are usually quite thoughtful and nice to each other, but in February, we try to schedule activities that are treats. Yesterday was one such occasion.

We started the day with the Bluebonnet Wine Trail. It’s an event that pairs wines with chocolate and takes place between seven wineries North of Houston. We had a fantastic time visiting wineries and sampling their wines. The desserts they paired the wines with were really good and full of chocolate and sugar. We even had a smores pizza!

Smores pizza. It was actually very tasty!

Afterward, I surprised Sherry with a painting class at Pinot’s Palette. We drank a bottle of port we bought earlier in the day on the win trail and painted a neat Valentine’s themed painting. Sherry’s turned out better than mine, but it was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed it.

We ended the day with some pizza. Not Paleo pizza, but regular thin crust pizza with Italian sausage, onions, mushroom, and green pepper. We ordered a small and I had three slices while Sherry had two. It was pretty delicious, but honestly, I found that it wasn’t nearly as amazing as my mind had made it out to be these past 15 months.

Pizza. This was the piece neither of us could eat because we were full.

The next day, the scale reported a gain of 3 lbs, but I know that it’s mostly just water weight and it’ll go away this week. My stomach was a little unhappy about the bad food, but now the afternoon afterward, I’m feeling better. Sherry mentioned that she’s actually glad to be back to eating our healthy foods, and I couldn’t agree more.

While it was nice to have all those treats in one day, I can gladly wait another 15 months before we do this again. It was good, but not nearly as awesome as some of the things we eat normally that are actually healthy and good for us.

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