Non-Scale Victories

NSV’s are what people call Non-Scale Victories on many health and fitness websites and forums. These are the things people look for to continue to motivate themselves when the scale fails to reward hard work, good eating habits, and exercise with a change. For the past two weeks, I’ve been looking to NSV’s as my weight has once again stalled.

I can’t say if it’s due to lack of eating enough or if I’m eating too much. I can’t think it’s eating too much as I do feel myself getting hungry an hour or so before my next meal. Perhaps that’s the problem. It’s possible that, once again, I’m not eating enough.

The NSV’s I’m holding on to are my waist size continues to hold at 31-32″, my shirt sizes are S-M, and the skin around my waist continues to shrink. After a run, my arms, legs, and torso look amazing and vascular. It’s hard to believe how big I was just a year ago.

Another NSV is that I’ve kept off a considerable amount of weight for a long time. Heck, for almost a year, I’ve kept 100 lbs off. That’s a big accomplishment! I’m still enjoying the Paleo lifestyle and there is no inclination on my part to look elsewhere for my diet. I enjoy the flavor of the food, the satiety, and the variety. Being able to adapt to a new lifestyle and getting rid of foods that are bad for me has been a really huge accomplishment!

Feeling great all the time is an NSV that is often overlooked. I feel great, I am fit, and I see continuous improvement in my health and fitness. A measurable, or tangible measure of my fitness are my run times, and they have been improving. Also, the number of push ups I can do are increasing all the time: another NSV I’m proud of.

So, the scale is not being nice to me. That’s okay. I’m finding a lot to be happy about elsewhere. When the scale does finally reward me again, I’ll be happy, but in the meantime, I’ll take my NSV’s where I can get them.

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