Another benefit of losing weight after being fat: feeling cool outside

This is another weird one. I think I figured out how people back before A/C were able to survive the heat in summertime: they were thin. They weren’t insulated, and didn’t have a layer of fat around them to keep them hot. As I sit outside writing this blog post, it’s 81 degrees outside, and I actually feel chilled. Yes, there’s a breeze that helps with that, but two years ago, sitting outside the way I am right now would have had me sweating puddles. Now? It feels great.

Our bodies were designed to be mostly muscle with just a small amount of fat to allow us to survive a few days or so, augmenting our nutrition with a readily available store of energy when we missed a meal or two. Now, with our easy access to hyper nutritious food, our bodies get fat very easily, and it makes living in conditions our forefathers lived in untenable.

I look forward to going to the Renaissance Festival this year in costume knowing that I can dress accurately in a period costume and I will remain comfortable. In the past, wearing a lot of period clothing kept me very hot and I would become exhausted quickly, not only because I was out of shape and overweight, but because I was overheating. I don’t think I will have that problem this year.

Of all the benefits of losing weight, this is one of the best ones, and I only just realized it. Feeling comfortable on a hot, summer night is truly something I didn’t know was so nice. It reminds me of my childhood, when physical comfort was something I took for granted. Now, I get to have that again, and it’s glorious.

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