Whole 30 Day 23 Wrap-Up

Not a lot of sleep again last night; roughly 5 hours. I still feel okay this morning; pretty amazing considering the lack of rest. As for my medical exams, all is well. These were all associated with my annual physical and the National Guard. They just take a closer look at men when they’re 50 or above, so I had a larger battery of exams than the normal Soldier.


Breakfast: Pork and Apple Egg Casserole. I really do love this stuff, and it starts my day off just right.


Lunch: Another of our famous prepped by Sherry meals, I had the Ground Beef and Plantain Bowl for lunch today. Once again, it was delicious and filling.

Dinner: We went out to a local favorite diner called Nik’s Steak and Seafood. I had my usual, the G13 which consists of a dinner salad with oil and vinegar (no cheese or croutons!), 8 oz Red Snapper, broccoli, and sweet potato. It’s a delicious meal, although it is just a tad on the generous size. It’s definitely filling and satisfying.

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