Last Day on Whole30

First things first; my wife and I both started a Whole 30 29 days ago. One more day and we complete our first one! Although we’re not really supposed to weigh ourselves on a Whole30, I have, and I’ve lost 19 lbs so far! I’m also past the sugar cravings, and I have more energy than ever and I’m not hungry throughout the day. I suspect that I may have put myself into ketosis, but that’s okay; it’s a good way to get healthy and make the body use fat instead of glycogen to fuel the body.

After our Whole30 is complete tomorrow, we are going to continue on a Paleo-type diet. More Primal than Paleo for my wife, and more Keto for me. I love the feeling I have now, and for the first time since I can remember (and I have a long memory), I’m not hungry or having cravings throughout the day. Sure, the first week or two were hard, but after that, pure bliss. I never believed the hype and was very dismissive of the results people had on their own Whole30’s, but after my own results and with how great I feel, all I can say is that I am actually looking forward to the future and my new body! I already feel different, as if I’m living in an alternate reality; one where I’m not always hungry, tired, cranky, and looking for a snack. It’s amazing!

Next up: exercise. Not crazy strength or cardio, but some bike riding. I know, that’s cardio, but I’m not going to go all-out like a spinner. I’m going to ride around my neighborhood, explore, go to the store on bike, etc. I’m hoping that by adding 30 minutes to an hour a day on a bike helps with my weight loss. At least it’ll help with some leg strength and stamina.

I’ve learned a lot about myself in this Whole30. I’m not weak when it comes to sticking with a new plan for eating. I’ve accepted that I won’t ever be able to eat high-carb food again without consequences. I’ve accepted that I can have a slice of pizza at a party or a hot dog at the ball game, but that’s just a treat. Every great once in a while. Not even once a week. Not ever scheduled, and there are no such things as cheat days. Just eating good, quality whole foods (and fat for me on Keto). The results in my body and the way I feel don’t lie. This is the way for me.

The future looks good. I will look great in it. I can’t wait!