New Lowest Weight Reached

It seems that every few days lately, I’m reaching a new low weight. Whole30 isn’t designed specifically to lose weight, yet it is exactly what I’m experiencing right now. What is radical to me about it this time, on my third round of doing a Whole30, is that I’m losing weight so easily.

I lost 110 lbs in a year: 20 lbs in the first month on a Whole30 and the remaining 90 lbs in 11 months on the Paleo Diet. It took me another 8 months to lose an additional 30 lbs.

In the past week, I’ve lost 3 lbs. That’s a little over 2% weight loss in one week. That’s incredible.

Don’t tell me it’s exercise; it’s not. I’m not doing any more (or less) than I normally do. Don’t tell me it’s because I’m starving myself; I’m not. I eat pretty heartily and I’m stuffed after my meals.

I know exactly what is different this week versus the week before last: Whole30. I have been eating meat and vegetables in standard portion sizes (well, except for last night where I ate a little more than usual). My body responds well to this, and rewards me with shedding excess weight.

I’m pretty solid; my body fat is relatively low for someone my age. Losing weight is hard for me because right now, it’s mostly muscle and I don’t necessarily want to lose muscle weight. I do, however, still have some areas of stored fat and extra skin that I’m happy to see going away. It’s nice to see the body adapting to my diet and fitness and shed those extra pounds.

I now weigh 162.9 lbs. That’s a new low for me. I hope to go lower, but again, I’m in the bonus area, so even if I stop here, I’m happy. I just don’t ever want to see it go past 170 lbs ever again. Ever.

Mission Accomplished: 165 lbs


I did it. By sticking with the Paleo Diet and doing another Whole30 to help me get past the last 2 lbs, I finally reached my goal of 165 lbs.

I thought I’d do a happy dance or something silly, but after seeing the scale (and re-weighing myself three times to be sure), I raised my arms in victory, and then almost cried. I say almost, because there were no tears, but my eyes did water up, and I had to sit down to let it sink in.

I did it.

It took 20 months, but I went from 312 lbs to 165 lbs. My body fat went from an astonishing 47% to 11%. I went from living a sedentary lifestyle to being a runner who is also in the National Guard.

My wife says I’ve completely reconfigured myself. The crazy part is how much of the rest of my life followed suit. Changing my diet has changed much in my life, and all of it is for the better.

As my wife congratulated me yesterday on reaching 165 lbs, I thanked her because there’s no way I could have done it without her. Aside from the cooking of our lunches and many dinners, she’s motivated me and helped keep me on the right track more than once. This was possible because we are a team, and this was a team effort.

Now, as we’re doing our third Whole30, she’s already lost 4 lbs in 4 days (I know, we’re not supposed to weigh ourselves, but we always break that rule) and she’s feeling much better again already. As for me? I lost 2 lbs this week to push me past 165 lbs. I’m sticking with the Whole30, so I may get some more bonus weigh loss out of it. At this point, for me, I’m in bonus territory; any further weight loss is just bonus.

I feel good and look good at 165 lbs. I haven’t felt this accomplished of anything in a while. It feels good.

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

One of my biggest inspirations in health has been my sister. She has been into fitness for a long time now, and has always been the model of health and fitness to me and everyone in the family. She regularly participates in Spartan runs, mud runs, fun runs, 5k’s, and all kinds of other runs. In the past few years, she’s even gotten involved with body building and has won some awards!

This girl is only 2 years younger than me!!!

I hope one day she and I can do some of these runs together. I won’t be doing any body building contests, but running? I can do that! We used to do lots of stuff together as kids; it’d be nice to do so again as adults.

I wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and many more years of health and fitness!

She doesn’t just look good; she hits harder than a Mack truck, too!

New low and SO CLOSE!

Enjoying a cool morning before a dentist appointment with Buddy, our dog.

I weighed myself this morning as per my normal routine, and found that I’ve reached a new low weight: 166.9 lbs! That puts me at just under 2 more pounds until I reach my goal of 165 lbs! I’m really excited!

At my current sustained rate of weight loss, I should be there within the next week or two. I will celebrate once I’m there!

New Lowest Weight!



This morning’s weigh-in was pretty spectacular: 168.0 lbs. That’s a new low for me, and just three pounds away from hitting my final goal! I’m thinking that I should be able to get there by the end of this month.

What got my weight loss started again? Sleep, I think. Now that I get at least 8 hours a night, the weight loss has started back up. I also cut out desserts for a while and I haven’t had a whole sweet potato in a few weeks, but I think that it has more to do with sleep than anything else. Sherry made an amazing chocolate orange tort that I had after dinner this week almost every night, and I still lost weight. So… sleep, it is!

Since cutting out the sweet potato, desserts, and getting more sleep each night, I’ve lost a good 7 lbs within the past month or so. When I look back on my 10 lbs/month weight loss rate and compare it against the months I didn’t lose any weight, the only real difference was the lack of sleep. If I keep this up, I should be below my goal soon.

Three more pounds. Three more. It’s so close…

Changing the World One Person at a Time

file-2-1Two weeks ago, I was approached by five men who I fly RC airplanes with, and I was told that I played a large role in being the impetus for change in their diets and lifestyles to become healthier. The majority of them have gone Paleo or some variety of it while a few have just started watching their food quality and quantity and have started exercising. Each of them have lost a significant amount of weight as compared to their starting weight, and I was very humbled by them. It felt great to have been a force for good in the lives of these men.

When I started this blog, I did so because I had so much to say and I felt the need to get it out without bugging my friends and co-workers incessantly about the evils of sugar and the benefits of good, clean eating (and Paleo). The blog allowed me to spew every time I had something to get out, kind of like a release valve on a pressure vessel. As time went on, people began asking me questions, and it helped me tailor the content a bit to develop it into what it is now.

I try to give motivation and inspiration where I can. I know that this weight loss journey is only made easier with a partner or help from the outside, and I hope to be that help. Once we reach the point where we have given up on all the hype and promises of the different fad diets and products out there, we turn to the most basic. That’s where Whole30 and Paleo come in. There are no gimmicks or tricks here. Whole30 is designed to be followed for (you may have guessed it) 30 days while Paleo is meant to be adopted for life (and it’s easy to do once you get past your hang-ups about no longer eating grains, beans, dairy, and anything with added sugar or artificial sweeteners).

Nearly all my friends have adopted Paleo in some way. Some are stricter than others, but all agree that they’ve seen very positive effects from the Paleo diet. It feels great to be around them and not have to worry that they think my food is weird because the bread was made with almond flour instead of grains. But when people you are only acquainted with follow your lead based on your example and a few quick talks about your lifestyle? That feels really special.

The same goes for this blog. I’m always humbled and very flattered when someone online tells me that my blog has helped them in their journey. It’s like a small flag I get to place in my heart that tells me that I’ve done some good for someone, somewhere. It matters. Thank you to those who have let me know that I’ve helped you in some way. It means a lot.

Fourteen Years

Sherry and I on our wedding day in 2003.
Fourteen years ago today, I married my best friend, the lady I was in love with, and an amazing and supportive partner. What I never expected was how deep our relationship would become; how much we would support each other, how much stronger our love would grow for each other, and how much of our relationship has grown into a partnership.

Sherry and I on vacation in Spain, 2017.
Throughout our marriage, Sherry has always been my number one cheerleader. Whenever I needed a kick in the pants, she was there to give it. When I needed a shoulder to rest my head on, hers was there. When I felt like there was no way possible to get past an obstacle, she would be there to  help me over.

Sherry and I at the Marine Corps Ball in 2016.
In my journey to lose weight and get fit, Sherry has been there the whole time. She helped me get started with the Whole30 and found recipes that we could eat and get us weaned off sugar. She transitioned us into Paleo with amazing diets and her amazing culinary skills. She spends countless hours in the kitchen on Sundays to prep our food for the week. She encouraged me to start running and went out there with me on my first runs to help motivate me. She is a large part of my success. I honestly can say that I wouldn’t be where I am today in health and fitness were it not for her support.

Featured Image -- 8474

As we celebrate our fourteen years of marriage, I not only look back at the great memories, but to the journey yet ahead of us. I can only imagine how awesome it will be, and I look forward to many more years of annoying and molesting her.