Recommended Reading

This is an article I believe everyone should read. Want to get healthy? Want to lose weight? Want to stop cravings? Want to live longer?


But you probably remember hearing about or reading studies that said sugar wasn’t so bad for you. Well, check this out. It turns out that scientists were blatantly for sale before 1984 and would come to any conclusion you paid for.

You will learn just how wrong our nutrition advice has been from our doctors, our nutritionists, and even our government. The worst part is that since we’ve all been hearing and reading this bad advice all our lives, it has become fact to us and hard to go against. Even after all this time, I still have a hard time believing that eating foods with cholesterol in them is actually good for me and keeps my blood cholesterol down.

Processed carbs are the enemy. Sugar is the enemy. It really is that bad.

Bonus: some great information about nutrition here! There is a lot to read in this site, and it’s good stuff!

New: Here is a documentary from Ireland called Sugar Crash. It is graphic in the beginning, but after the first 2-3 minutes, it’s all very informative and worth the watch. Please watch it!

Do you think moderation is enough? This brilliant article explains why it is not, and why you’re setting yourself up for failure if you think this way.

As for where to start, I wrote a blog post about it that should help with some choices based on my personal experience.

Please, if you want to make a meaningful change in your life that actually has a chance of long-term success, read this article. Then, continue to do some reading at Whole30, Paleo, and Keto. The information you learn can very well lead you to a healthier life and could possibly save your life.