The PaleoMarine is a guy named E.J. who is a former active duty Marine, current National Guard Warrant Officer, dad to two grown and smart kids, and husband to the ever-patient and amazing Sherry. E.J. currently works as a technical analyst at a non-profit organization. When not preaching the evils of sugar and the benefits of eating right, E.J. enjoys flying radio controlled aircraft, travelling, and target shooting.

E.J. became inspired to start this blog to help the many people who have messaged or emailed him for help, motivation, or answers. He doesn’t claim to be an expert; he is just a person who has walked miles and miles wearing the shoes of a fat man who finally got fed up with being fat and did something about it. This is his journey, his path, and the lessons he has learned along the way.

E.J. and Sherry in September, 2016
Losing all the weight means Sherry and E.J. are able to do things they could never dream of before like taking hang glider lessons in Luling, TX.
We were able to go zip lining, something we’ve always wanted to do.

Here is a silly photo he put together of me. On the left, E.J. is in Hungary in September 2014 and weighing over 312 lbs. On the right, the photo of E.J. was taken after running a 5k in September 2016.  His weight was 179 lbs on the right.

2014 Big E.J. on left, 2016 Fit E.J. on right.

A photo E.J. is very proud of is this one taken at the 241st Marine Corps Birthday Ball in November, 2016. This photo is the culmination of 14 months of dedication and perseverance toward getting back into the height/weight requirements of the Marine Corps and getting healthy and fit. 15 months prior, he couldn’t imagine that he could ever wear a Marine Corps uniform again. He never thought it was even a possibility.

Sherry and E.J. at the 241st Marine Corps Birthday Ball in November, 2016.

On February 17th, 2017, E.J. fulfilled a goal of his to re-enter military service as a National Guard Soldier. He took the oath of service at the downtown Houston MEPS. He is currently a Staff Sergeant and enjoys his weekend drills and training.

Swearing in, February 2017.
Featured Image -- 9722
E.J. and Sherry at an Astros game in June, 2017.
E.J. during his National Guard Annual Training in August, 2017.
EJ during his National Guard Annual Training in 2019.
EJ after being presented with an Army Officer saber after being appointed a Warrant Officer at age 53.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your blog after reading a story about you on Yahoo. Congrats on what you have done…. I too have been fighting a similar battle of “added weight” as I have gotten older. Like you, I’m not as active as when I was younger, now I sit behind a desk at work instead of doing actual “physical work” I want to be able to fit into my Dress Blues again, yes a former Marine… It is definitely harder as I’ve gotten older, I never thought my mindset would get this way.

    But I have a bit more motivation after seeing what you have done… Semper Fi Brother.

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  2. Have not gone thru all of your blogs. Have you posted any stats of cholesterol etc..before and after? You are very inspiring. My son has been ‘preaching’ to me for years to eat the Paleo way. Oh, I am married to a
    Marine. (Called him ‘ex-Marine’ …..only once…….lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t have my cholesterol numbers prior to starting. The next time I go to the doctor, I will ask for previous blood test results to compare them with now and I will post them. I’m curious, as well!


  3. Really enjoying your blog. No nonsense and really inspiring! I start my Whole 30 journey tomorrow. Thanks for your insight and sharing your experiences.

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