Ruggles Black: You had me at Paleo!

This is a restaurant review for Ruggles Black in Houston’s Upper Kirby area.

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The sign outside their front door.

On the Ruggles Black Twitter page, the following is their official description:

Ruggles Black offers a fusion pushing Indian, Asian, and American flavors to whole new boundaries in terms of taste, all in a modern and fun setting.

Sherry and I have eaten there once before, and that favorable experience with the ambiance, waitstaff, and food was enough to bring us back for a second chance. We are now certain that it won’t be our last visit.

Upon being seated, we were promptly greeted by our server who helped us choose our appetizer: Angry Shrimp. After our iced teas arrived, our Angry Shrimp was brought out: five large-sized shrimp served with a garnish of some sort of sprouts and fried sweet potato slivers. The sauce was an amazing fusion of ginger, lemon, curry, onions, and other spices we could not identify but savored. This was one of the tastiest dishes we’ve had since adopting the Paleo lifestyle, and this was just our appetizer!

For our main dishes, Sherry went with the Paleo Crab and Shrimp Pasta which was served with spaghetti squash while I opted for a special which turned out to be the Angry Shrimp on a bed of mashed cauliflower with grilled asparagus and carrots. I was ecstatic, as the appetizer just wasn’t enough of those great flavors. Sherry’s food was simply stunning both visually and flavor wise. I was happy that it turned out to be too much for her to finish as I had a chance to enjoy some it.

For a dessert, we split a cobbler which was made with blueberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blackberries and served with a Paleo vanilla ice cream. While we were both already stuffed, we were able to find room for our dessert.

We skipped lunch due to our attending a funeral service earlier in the day, and we were thankful we didn’t eat earlier: there’s no way we could have finished all the food!

We never eat appetizers and very rarely eat dessert unless it’s a special occasion, but since it’s not only Sherry’s birthday weekend but also the anniversary of our one year of going “Clean” in regards to our food, we decided to live a little. My weight reminded me this morning that we enjoyed food yesterday, but I’m certain I’ll drop it all this week and continue to make progress once again.

I would rate Ruggles Black as the very best Paleo restaurant in Houston. We’ve eaten at a few others that were good, but Ruggles Black is simply phenomenal. I can’t recommend it enough!