Warrant Officer Candidate School Phase II

I cut my hair this morning in preparation for WOCS. No, it’s not quite Peaky Blinders. But close.

I will be attending Phase II of Warrant Officer Candidate School starting this coming weekend. I will be there for two weeks. The school, known to us as WOCS, is heavily academic with exams, land navigation, and daily physical training.

Me with my bike and my 4Runner at the park.

Last Tuesday, I had a crash on my mountain bike and hurt my shoulder which took me out of all exercise since then. I was going to try to run and skip the weightlifting, but even running brought out the shoulder pain. Fortunately, as of this morning, the pain is gone. I feel that I will be able to exercise and perform all the PT that the school requires of me.

I’m both looking forward to the school and slightly dreading it. I know that it will be challenging, and I know I’m up to face the challenge, but I also know that there will be certain aspects of it that are not fun. There will certainly be mass corrective actions and there will be some adjustment pains for the first 2-3 days.

If all goes well, I will be a Warrant Officer by the beginning of May. That is the goal, and that’s what I’m working towards. I am excited to finally be near the end of this six-month long journey, and I will certainly be more excited when I’m actually done.

As long as my body can hold up for the day-after-day PT and I can pass my exams and land navigation, I’m golden.

So, even though I’ve been a bit sparse on the blog here lately, for the next two weeks, I will be completely “Out of pocket,” as they say. I will surely update here once I return, and I look forward to having some interesting experiences to share then.