Paleo/Whole30 Tex-Mexican Casserole

Sherry made this Paleo Tex-Mex Casserole that is also Whole30 compliant last nigh for dinner. She was hesitant at first because the ingredients list were a bit strange to her considering what the end result was to be, but I’m so glad she persisted! It turned out to be absolutely delicious! The different vegetable flavors complimented each other and the overall combination worked so well together that we both had to go back for a little bit more. Fortunately, there’s not much to it, although it does take a fair amount of work for prep (as does most any food that is made from scratch and is good fro you).

We wondered aloud as we ate our dinner whether this would have been something we liked before we embarked on this latest journey to good health and started eating better. After some discussion, we were of the opinion that since we’ve cut out sugar and most carbs, it has probably reset our taste which makes foods like this far better. However, as someone who regularly enjoyed eating vegetables and different foods, I’m fairly certain that this would have been something I would have enjoyed pre-healthy lifestyle.

I meant to take photos of our dinner, but it was so good, I forgot. Sherry also made me an amazing omelette for breakfast and she made butternut squash soup with sausage in it for lunch. I was completely spoiled today by her and her amazing cooking. Oh, and the best part? It was all healthy!

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