Anti-Sugar Evangelist

Now that I’ve lost over 65 lbs since August 31st (that’s less than five months for those following at home), I get lots of questions from people. The most common is, “How did you do it?” followed by, “What’s your secret?”

There’s great news! First, I can answer how I did it, and second, there’s no secret!

I’ll recap my answer for the first question:

  • Started with a Whole30
  • After completing Whole30, transitioned to a very strict Paleo diet
  • Added a Keto component to our Paleo diet which morphed into a Paleo Prime diet

When I say that, it sounds too easy. “How much exercise, would you say, that you did while losing weight?” People’s eyes pop open a bit wider when I say, “None.” And it’s the truth.

A good friend of mine, Matt, who is in amazing physical shape once told me that weight loss is 90% diet, and 10% exercise. My experience shows that he’s right. My wife exercises daily and her rate of loss has actually been greater than mine by a few percentage points when comparing loss vs starting weight as a percentage. Were I to exercise, I’m sure I’d be 70+ lbs lost at this point.

The second question is the one that gets me in trouble. Not with the people who ask, but with my own sense of politeness. The reason for that is because once I’m asked, I have a script I go through. It’s an informal script, but there are things I touch on every time, and once I get going, it’s hard for me to stop. That turns me into someone I didn’t like before I started this journey to good health: the good food evangelist. More specifically, the anti-sugar evangelist.

It’s become very clear to me through all the reading I’ve done that sugar is the real enemy. The government has said as much within the past month (although, to be fair, the veracity of the new guidelines has been called into question, namely on the subject of saturated fats). This has led Sherry and I to avoid carbohydrates, or to at least limit them severely. We eat vegetables, but only those that aren’t overloaded in carbs.

I went to a lunch with former colleagues today, and the subject of my weight loss came up. I went into my script, and explained why I don’t eat tamales, corn chips, tortillas, rice, or even beans. I used my own experience as the basis for my opinions. I told everyone I’m not an expert, a scientist, a nutritionist, or a dietitian: just a skinny guy who got fat and is on his way to being skinny again. All told, I probably talked for 30 minutes. And then I realized what I had done.

My former colleagues, all great people, were kind, polite, and even seemed interested in what I was saying, but I had to apologize to them. I had turned our lunch into a lecture on the evils of sugars. They were gracious and told me that the information I provided was both interesting and welcome, yet I still felt dirty. I was “That guy.” I typically don’t like “That guy.”

In the end, my former colleagues thanked me for my info and some even went so far as to ask specifics so they can do further research into it themselves. I guess that’s a good thing, right?

I want to apologize in advance. If you’re around me and we get on the subject, sometimes it’s hard for me to stop. I want everyone to be healthy. I want us all to live long, healthy lives free of taking pills for maladies that could easily be avoided by avoiding sugars. I’m not sure, however, that I can just stand by silently. That’s why I started this blog: I needed a place to vent. Living in a world where diet experts tell us that whole wheat breakfast cereal is better for us than sugar-free/nitrate-free bacon and eggs are doing nobody favors, and it’s hard for me to stand by without saying anything about it.

Weight status for today: 224.2 lbs.

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