What negative 88 lbs looks like

On the left is me in July 2014 at 305 lbs and on the right this morning at 217 lbs.

ejfaceprogressWhen I took the photo on the left, I actually thought I looked good and, “Not so big.” Wow.

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe I made it this far. Seeing that I have 43 lbs to go is really on the down-hill slide for me in terms of reaching my goal. It feels great to be here.

If I’d have kept on eating the way I did five months ago, I’d still be the guy on the left. Sure, he could eat bread and pasta and drink sodas, but he’d be dying soon. His blood sugar was high, he was suffering from fatty liver, and his eye sight was failing. He was beginning to experience nerve damage in his feet, and he had to hold his breath to tie his shoes because his stomach was so big.

Now? All those things are in the past. Literally every one of them. I marveled this morning how I could tie my shoes as I bent over and could breathe the whole time. My blood test results are great, and I feel more energetic and youthful. At 48, I feel like I did in my late 20’s, and that’s no exaggeration.

I’ve been there before; seeing someone else make progress in a short period of time and wondering if I could have been there, too, had I only started. That is the hard part; starting.

The best advice I can give about this is just dive in and do it. Don’t look back. Don’t consider the bad foods in your refrigerator or pantry; just get rid of them. Just start. It’s the best thing my wife and I ever did, and I can’t ever see going back to being the guy on the left. Never again.

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