Beware of Advice for Fit/Healthy People if you’re not one of them

I keep seeing posts on Facebook posted by friends and people whom I respect or admire that contain rather dubious advice regarding nutrition and diet. I know they think they’re doing us all a favor, but what troubles me most about these posts is that they are fine for those who are already in good shape and at an ideal weight, but for those of us who are still trying to lose weight? Horrible advice. Here’s an example:

“It’s okay to have a cheat day.”

NO. It’s NOT okay to have cheat days. Our bodies don’t like it. When we’re making progress, the LAST thing our bodies want or need is to be taken off the rails by a cheat day. Like I’ve said time and time again, it’s actually sabotage.

Here’s another example: “Just eat what you want. If it has carbs, eat it, because your body knows better than you what you need.”

Not if you’re addicted to sugar. Sugar tricks the brain and creates cravings for more (you guessed it) SUGAR! You simply need to cut out sugar and greatly reduce carbs. To ignore this fact is to ignore the root cause of  your excessive weight.

My final example: “Eat whatever you want. Just eat less of it.”

I used to believe this, and I got to 312 lbs at my heaviest. “But I only ate four pieces of deluxe pizza. That’s better than eating six!” Calories are not created equal, and foods of equal calorie amounts have different net calories. What’s worse is the effect of sugar and carbs on the brain, as well as how the body processes and stores it.

Look; I can’t spell it out any more clearly for you: reduce your carb intake. Eliminate foods that have added sugars. Don’t eat processed foods. Don’t eat foods made in vegetable oil. Eat more wild-caught fish. Eat whole foods. Try a Whole30. Try Paleo. Try Keto. Do SOMETHING that changes your eating habits and embrace a more healthy lifestyle. To do otherwise will make weight loss very difficult and will likely result in failure.

You cannot exercise all the fat away while eating horribly. You can try, but you will be very, very tired while I sit here losing weight with all kinds of energy and with less sweat because I went Whole30 and then Paleo.

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