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I’m a loser.

Stop laughing.

But seriously, I’m a loser again. For the past two days, I’ve lost weight, and it feels great to be on the losing part of my weight loss journey. In an earlier post, I talked about how I have a cycle that goes something like this: lose weight for 10 days, then lose size for 10 days. Wash, rinse, repeat. Well, I’m done with the 10 days size loss and back to the 10 days of weight loss. It’s especially satisfying after a day of eating well but comfortably. I ate three meals every day this week, and each was delicious and satisfying. The important part for me is the satisfying. I never felt hungry or as if I didn’t eat enough after each meal. My weight is now 204.5 lbs (85+ lbs lost since September 1, 2015!). Just 4.6 lbs to Onederland (for those of us who weigh over 200 lbs and are working our way down into the 100’s, we call it “Onederland.”).

My body fat percentage is also down a lot now: 24.1%. When I started, it was over 47%. That’s a staggering loss! I’m two belt holes from needing a size 34 belt, and my 36″ trousers feel very normal and almost loose now. My size large t-shirts don’t fit me quite as snug now. The size large Duluth Trading shirts I love are almost too big now. I may need to buy a medium to see how it fits.

Every one of those little facts is a little victory for me, and helps me keep my head right and stick to being a loser. Sometimes, it’s good to be a loser.

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