Weekend Cooking

This weekend, Sherry and I had a lot of running around to do, so our cooking, which needed to be done on Sunday to prepare us for the week, had to be more hands-off. For this, I made a smoked chicken while Sherry made two meatloaves. I smoked the chicken pieces with pecan after putting Penze’s Arizona Dreaming spice blend on it. After smoking for four hours at 225 degrees, the chicken was perfect and ready to be packaged with some of the sweet potato hash that Sherry makes.

The meat loaf was a chipotle chorizo recipe she downloaded online that we have enjoyed in the past. I will be having it for lunch today, and I’m really looking forward to it. Is it lunch time yet?

I did more physical activity this weekend than I normally have been able to, and I felt good Sunday night. I even got in a little running.

My weight dropped to 204.1 lbs, and my body fat to 23.8. Although my weight held steady this morning, my trousers felt looser than they did all last week, so I will claim that as a victory. Onederland is approaching, and I’m excited for it.

Sherry and I will be on vacation in another week and a half, which I’m also looking forward to. It will be our first major vacation since changing our eating habits, so it will be interesting to see how we fare. I don’t anticipate any problems, but I do expect some temptations.

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