Weekend Update

Not funny like SNL, but it’s my weekend update.

I reached a new low weight: 203.0 lbs. Just 3.1 lbs to go to Onederland!

Saturday was every bit as busy as I thought it would be, and the band played Sunday and did quite well! The last time I played a live show, I weighed 86 lbs more than I did this time. I felt much better, had loads more energy, and my back didn’t ache after the first set. It’s so much easier performing at a lighter weight. Oh, and I think I looked better, too!

EJ singing “Hash Pipe,” by Weezer. Photo by Stephen Edwards

While we were performing, we had a pork shoulder smoking in our smoker. Sherry had prepared it in the morning, and we took it out Sunday night before going to sleep. The idea is for us to have pulled pork to eat throughout the week. Tonight, we ate some with baked sweet potatoes with a little Bone Sucking sauce. It was yummy! For a little treat, Sherry had made some Paleo Almond Joy candies, and we each had one little helping. It was a nice cap to a delicious dinner.

I’ll be eating some of the Mexican Casserole she made Saturday for lunch tomorrow (and I’m looking forward to it; it’s one of my favorites!) and I’m hoping to drop the last 3 lbs this week. I’ll be doing a lot more exercise and eating perfectly to try to get there. If I can do it, it’ll be the first time since the 90’s that I weigh under 200 lbs.

One last thing: I tried on and was able to fit into my All Weather Coat that was issued to me in boot camp in the Marines. It’s a little tight, but wearable! I can also fit into every other uniform item I still have. I’m over the moon happy!

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