No. You can’t eat bad food and make good progress.

I define bad foods as those with added sugar, beans, pasta, breads, foods fried in vegetable oil, or foods made from grains. That means pizza, ice cream, candy, desserts, and just about everything from fast food. For a better/more comprehensive list, see Whole30 or the Paleo website.

It seriously hurts my head when I see people who are on “Diets,” taking weight-loss prescription medication, have had surgery (lap band, gastric bypass, etc), or on these grueling workout plans post to social media about the bad food they’re eating or recipes for foods that I can only describe as decadent. I can understand the treats every once in a while. Heck, I will likely eat something that’s not so good for me tonight, but it will be half a portion, and I haven’t done anything like that in months (and likely won’t again for a long time). But to do so meal after meal is like someone with a broken leg deciding to walk to the mailbox every day just once to get the mail. The leg will never heal properly. If it does heal, it will take much, much longer, and will likely not heal as well as it would have had it been rested and not used. It’s the same with losing weight and getting healthy.

Why gimp your progress? Why take a step back after taking two steps forward? I just don’t get it. Maybe some people are just gluttons for pain. Me? I want to make progress with as few back steps as possible.

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