Channeling the Energy

When Sherry and I first started our Whole30, we were excited. We were doing something active to get healthy, and we were wanting everyone we knew to do the same. We love our family and our friends, and after we had learned of all the bad things that happen to our bodies on our American diets, we wanted to scream, “You’re killing yourselves! Follow us! We know the way to safety!” We tried to be as gentle with our message as we could, but looking back, I am certain we have bored the heck out of friends who had to endure our endless rants against sugar and carbs and listen to our info on why eating natural, organic, or whole foods was better for us than anything processed.

For those who nodded and smiled, I want to thank you. Everyone was kind, gracious, and patient. I have great family and friends.

To channel the excitement, I began this blog. I needed an outlet that was anonymous yet public to allow me to get the excitement off my chest, and to channel the energy away from the same 12 people and onto the world. It’s been a rewarding experience, and I’m always excited to hear from people who read the blog and who have benefited from the information or insights I post here.

I see people posting on social media about their diets, workout plans, diet supplements, etc. Before my own journey began, I used to shake my head in derision at these people who were seemingly yelling at the top of their lungs, “Follow me! I know the path to better health!” and I thought there was no way I would ever be one of those people. And then I was. I try to not be annoying to family and friends now with regards to our new lifestyle, though sometimes, I know I slip.

One thing I don’t do is try to sell anyone anything that they can’t get for free online. The one thing that turned me off from the vast majority of the people posting on social media about their weight loss programs, however, was that there was a cost to join them. Whether the cost was a gym membership, supplements, vitamins, or even needing to purchase a book or membership to a website, the common thread was that they were all wanting me to give them my money. I won’t even begin to discuss the cost of surgery, both physical and emotional. I rarely saw anyone posting about a program that was free to join and cost no extra money to maintain other than the cost of purchasing food.

Then I found Whole30 and Paleo.

Admittedly, Whole30 sells books, but they clearly state on their site that all the information in their books is available for free on their site. The books just condense things into a format that is easier to read. I’m okay with this approach. What I wouldn’t be okay with if there was a key piece of information that was left off the website and only included in the books.

Doing what I have done to lose weight and improve your health costs nothing more than willpower and time. There is no magic bullet to make fat go away. There’s no magic pill to improve your overall health regardless of what certain products promise. Here’s the one key thing that every diet plan and gimmick all do: they tell you to eat fewer carbs and to be “reasonable.” They do that because that’s where your improvements are coming from; not from the pills or supplements. What bugs me is they don’t go all-in and tell you to not eat sugar, carbs, grains, and processed foods. They tell you to be reasonable, but not to completely eliminate foods that are hurting you. Why? Because it keeps  you on the teat. Once on their program, you begin to realize weight loss and improved health, but only moderately. Since you didn’t realize those results in the past without the “program,” you attribute the success to the supplement or pill and continue buying into the program. It’s horrible.

All  you need to do is read the information I post here day after day (the links to Whole30, Paleo, Keto, and the Required Reading in the toolbar to the right) and start. Don’t even wait for a day to start; just do it. Now. Make your next meal the first healthy meal of a lifetime worth of good eating. Once you do, you’ll find yourself wanting to tell everyone about it. And it will be awesome!

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