Why I push Whole30 and Paleo

I’m certain more than a few of you wonder why I push Whole30 and Paleo so much and not other alternatives. I have acknowledged in the past that there are many plans that people can use to lose weight and to get healthy, but in my personal experience, none of them have worked as well for me. But that’s the key: for ME. I am not implying in any way, shape, or form that what worked for me will 100% work for you in exactly the same way it worked for me. However, the evidence is stacking up that what worked for me can and does work for many other people.

As for my personal story, I tried all kinds of plans in the past. The most disastrous was “Moderation.” This is an excellent article that explains why moderation fails, and why it’s not a viable or sustainable way to eat and get healthy. I also tried low-fat which, as my previous post stated, is also filled with bad science and silly assumptions. I’ve tried to exercise the fat away to no avail. I’ve tried just about every fad diet out there from one time to another, and while I may have experienced short-term positive results, the nature of the diets restricting my food intake so dramatically led me back to my pre-diet habits and gaining back all the weight and then some. Here are the bullet points as to why I am so in love with Whole30 and Paleo:

  • I’m lazy and I don’t want to have to work out to lose weight. Doing so would have probably made my weight loss faster, but I didn’t want to lose too much too fast.
  • It worked for me where everything else had failed before. Did I mention I didn’t have to work out?
  • It makes sense from a nutritional standpoint. It relies on science based on how our bodies actually work, not on pseudo-science or assumptions from 60+ years ago.
  • It has, and is working for many close friends and family members. Their results don’t lie: these two are the recipe for success in weight loss and in taking back your good health.

I literally feel like I’ve found the secret to weight loss and taking back my health, and I want everyone to know! I want everyone to have a shot at a longer, healthier life. I want everyone to know that being thinner and healthy isn’t something only the lucky people can be. This is something we can all do, and just by changing the food we put into our bodies.

Here is a plate I had for lunch today. Notice how much awesome is on it: grilled rainbow trout, sauteed crab meat, and grilled vegetables. This was an amazing lunch, and it’s all Paleo-compliant.

This was my lunch today at Segari’s in Houston today. I highly recommend it.

This brings me to my last point: I don’t suffer. I’m not craving foods between meals, I don’t leave meals hungry, and the foods I can eat are found at nearly any good restaurant without any extra special ordering or fussing, and it tastes amazing! The photo above is a meal right off the menu. They had lots of options that were Paleo that I could have went with (and I will be going back soon to try some more of them).

The best plan for any long-term solution to our sugar addiction and our best chance for long-term success is to adopt a lifestyle that allows you to eat normal high-quality foods that you can make and/or find easily. Paleo fits the bill for this quite well which is why I’m shouting about it at the top of my lungs.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: I don’t get any money or kickbacks from Whole30 or Paleo. I just believe in them wholeheartedly.

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