To weigh, or not to weigh?

Whole30 recommends not weighing yourself while on the entire Whole30. They recommend weighing yourself before and afterward, but not during. I broke that rule because weighing myself daily helped motivate me further to make sure I followed the plan precisely while also giving me some immediate feedback on what happened to my body after I ate certain foods.

I’m asked all the time, “How often should I weigh myself?” I tell everyone it really depends on how you look at your weight loss. If you gain weight, even a few pounds, does it make you upset, angry, or sad? If so, how do you channel that energy? Does seeing a gain make you more resolute in sticking to your eating plan, or does it make you want to say, “Screw it!?” If you are the former, then weigh yourself daily and use that feedback to guide your progress. That’s what I did and it really did help me. If you’re the latter, then maybe you might not want to weigh yourself daily because it will only make you upset and jeopardize your ability to stay on the plan.

Your weight will fluctuate even when you’re steadily losing weight. There will be days when your body holds onto water or you just have more “stuff” in you that your body hasn’t gotten rid of yet. Either way, weight loss is a bumpy ride, and there will always be days when you either don’t lose any weight at all, or when you even gain a little bit. It’s normal and natural.

So, the answer is a very personal one based on your own personality. I can’t tell you which route to take: to weigh or not to weigh. Only you can decide that for yourself based on how you deal with negative feedback.

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