It feels good to be back to normal eating

Playing some pool-pong. I’m the bald-headed guy in the lower middle.

I had a great holiday weekend, and I truly enjoyed seeing all the family and friends who came by for the birthday celebrations and the Fourth of July festivities. Sherry put together a menu that was delicious and primarily Paleo as she talks about in this post on her blog. I helped with the grill work, but it was mostly her effort. What that resulted in was my grazing for two of the days over the weekend and eating far more in volume than I normally would.

The food I ate was all Paleo, but in large quantities and throughout the days. I knew I was going to regret it afterward, and sure enough, the scale punished me with an ugly reading. However, my clothing still fit properly, and contrary to what the little voice in the back of my head told me, I didn’t get fat overnight.

I have to remember that it’s just a minor setback, and it’s back to the normal eating. The strange part that was unexpected is how happy I am to be back to eating “right.” I actually feel better, and not as uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s the smaller amount of food or the lack of carbs in all the fruit and veggies I ate, but I already feel more like myself today than I have over the past few days.

Eating right is not only good for the body; it’s good for the mind. Knowing I’m eating good foods calms me, makes me feel like I’m making progress toward a goal, and knowing that I’m actually following the rules and being good is also satisfying.

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