Tamogochis have been replaced with Fitbit

I (once again) saw on Reddit something that made me laugh: Tamogochis have been replaced with Fitbits. Now, we are the things that need to be walked. I laughed because I actually use a Fitbit Surge and I really enjoy quantifying my fitness. I like having data that I can analyze and use as I fine tune my diet and fitness plan.

I have a lot more steps to get in today to reach my goal!

My wife Sherry also has a Fitbit (her’s is a Fitbit Charge HR), and we both use them to monitor how much walking we get during the day. If she and I both have low step counts for the day, we often go outside and take a walk together (with our dog!) to “Get our steps in.”

While I exercise, it’s nice that our Fitbits also give us our heart rate. While we know it’s not 100% accurate, it’s pretty close. When I did my stress test earlier this year, I watched the medical equipment’s heart rate and matched it to my Fitbit, and it was always withing about 2-5 BPM accuracy. That’s good enough for me.

We also use our Fitbits to monitor the quality and amount of sleep we get. I’ve been able to consistently correlate my weight loss with periods of good sleep while during those times I don’t lose weight, I can look on my Fitbit app and see that I was getting less than 6.5 hours of sleep a night. Interesting correlation.

I use my Fitbit as an alarm as well as for phone and text notifications (the Surge does this). It’s come in very handy for me, and for this reason alone, I’m having a hard time going back to normal watches.

Sure, it’s not as pretty or as slim as my Seiko or Citizen watches, but it does a lot more. It’s become a part of my EDC (Every Day Carry) and I can’t see myself without one for the near future.

Used with Whole30 and Paleo, I’ve lost 98.5 lbs in ten months. It’s not necessary, but it’s another tool that can be used when you’re looking to monitor as many data points as possible during your weight loss journey. I highly recommend it.

5 thoughts on “Tamogochis have been replaced with Fitbit

  1. For your readers who may have Apple Watches, the built in Activity app also measures steps and heart rate. If you do traditional exercise, you can also turn it on when you start to have that tracked (unfortunately, it doesn’t work with my Pilates). It does not seem to track sleep though but I would not be surprised if there was an app for that for the Apple Watch.


    1. There are also sleep trackers for iPhone and Android as well as many fitness trackers. I used both before I got my Fitbit which I prefer as it’s on my arm and very unobtrusive and doesn’t require any other device to work properly. Thanks, Elaine!


  2. That is so awesome. I have been looking for a pedometer that is accurate. Most of them, the slightest jiggle (example, riding in the car) will add steps a person hasn’t taken. I’ll research the Fitbit and see how everything (features work). I walked yesterday to and from Denny’s and to HEB and through partial Grocery shopping before, pain made me have to sit down for the remainder of the shopping. Clifton finished the shopping. I am taking baby steps, I have no choice. With Fybromyalgia, we pay for over exertion (some times very little) with excruciating pain and stiffness. I fell asleep last night around 2 am because of pain. On a good note, though I haven’t weighed myself on a good scale, Clifton and I think I have lost a couple of pounds (can visually see). I’ve been staying sugar free and artificial sweeteners. I need to get a good scale so I can monitor weight loss! I know my starting weight of 310 so it will be easier to know how much weight comes of through diet and exercise. Have a good day EJ!

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