Fat doesn’t just happen

This is something I came to the realization of months ago, but never really thought much about it. Fat doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of a flawed lifestyle. When Sherry and I decided to do something about our weight, we decided to take a different approach from any we had tried in the past. We tried South Beach, low-fat, and even moderation, and all of our attempts failed. We also tried exercising it away, but that obviously wasn’t enough to counteract the flawed lifestyle of eating whatever we wanted in whatever quantity we wanted. We needed to change the basis upon which our nutrition was based. We needed a new lifestyle.

Here is where it gets real. Sorry/not sorry if you are offended by the following.

Look; I don’t care what got you here. I won’t tell you you’re dumb, stupid, or lazy because you’re none of those things. If you’re here, it’s because you recognize one or more of a few basic facts.

  • You’re fat and want to not be fat anymore
  • You have health problems that aren’t serious yet, but can get there if left unchecked
  • You’ve tried to lose weight before and failed
  • You’ve lost weight before and gained it (and then some) back
  • You want straight scoop on how to get healthy. Losing weight is a bonus.
  • You searched Google for “Really sexy Marine guy talks about Paleo.”

Ok, so that last bullet probably accounts for 0% of the people who visit this site, but I’ll keep thinking it in my mind. Some delusions are fun.

But seriously, if you’re searching the Internet for information on losing weight, getting healthy, and Whole30 or Pale0, you’re taking the EXACT SAME FIRST STEPS I DID! You are already on your way! THAT’S EXCITING!!!!

Bring it on!

The next step is planning. Plan on starting by setting a date. Look up some recipes and find some that appeal to you. Then, put together a grocery list. This will take some time and will be strange because some of the ingredients are very different than what you’re used to and may be difficult to obtain. Amazon is your friend in this regard; a lot of what we use in our Paleo cooking can be found there. Surprisingly, many Kroger’s, Aldi’s, and the more obvious Sprout’s or Whole Food Markets have lots of Paleo ingredients. Once you have your ingredients together, clear out the bad foods from your refrigerator and pantry. Set the date a week or three from now and use all the added-sugar or high-carb foods up. No need to waste ’em, and you won’t really do any more damage to yourself in a few days. Or, start sooner and donate any unopened foods to a local food bank or give unused food to friends who would use it.

Then, GO! DO IT! Eat good food, eat regular portions, go for a walk (if you are able), and get the right amount of sleep. It’s that simple.

Make the foods, package leftovers for lunches, and make sure you get lots of sleep. It’s important to adopt the entire lifestyle for maximum efficacy (which is a fancy way of saying to make sure you get the most out of it).

The title of this post is Fat doesn’t just happen. Well, losing weight doesn’t just happen on its own after you’ve gained it (unless you’re ill, and in that case, please go see a doctor). You need to work at it, and by work, I mean do some good eating, solid sleeping, and get on your feet and do some walking or any exercise you can do, even if it’s a little. A start is a start, regardless of the size step you can take. It’s a step in the right direction; you getting healthy and losing weight.

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One thought on “Fat doesn’t just happen

  1. EJ every thing you said here is absolutely correct. It does take a concerted effort to learn about Paleo via internet or books (Amazon is going to be my best friend). I have felt much better just by cutting out sugar and sugar substitutes as well as junk food. I did have a slip one day (the whole day was a bing) after receiving some personal bad news. I am an emotional eater. But the next day, I got back on track. I have Fybromyalgia and Diabetes. Exercise has been challenging because my balance is off and I tend to fall a lot. Pain is a constant as is fatigue. The research I have done has let me know that it is o.k. to start off slow on exercise, rest if you need to but eventually work up to 30 minutes a day (since I have fybromyalgia I have to do low impact exercise) whether it walking, swimming or any other activities you enjoy. I go to the doctor quite frequently and he always says to exercise. If you are not already exercising, I would check with your doctor to make sure it is o.k. for you to do so. If you look at it this way, what is 30 minutes out of a 24 hour day? Thanks EJ for this blog. It has been most helpful!

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