He never expected this weight loss benefit!

So shocking!

Sorry for the clickbait title of this post. I just couldn’t resist; I hate clickbait because it always works on me!

I thought about it while I was sitting on the back porch smoking my pipe (an activity that I don’t do very often) in the Texas heat. It was around 94 degrees outside, and a family member said, “How can you stand it out here in the heat?”, yet there I was, smoking my pipe and enjoying the cool breeze. Was it really a cool breeze?

Now that I’m 100 lbs lighter than I was in September of last year, I find that my body is far more efficient at dealing with the heat. When I sweat, the cooling effect of the evaporation from my body cools me enough to keep me comfortable. What’s more, I don’t over sweat. My shirts aren’t soaked, and I don’t feel overheated.

Of all the benefits of losing weight, this was the least expected and possibly the biggest surprise. Improved mobility? Yeah, I expected that. Better flexibility? Expected that too. Diabetes going away? I hoped, but when it happened, it was more of a vindication of the idea that my weight and/or food choices had played a role in getting Diabetes in the first place. Improved vision? Not necessarily expected, but logical when the blood sugar went down. Improved vascular health? Sort of expected this one too. But feeling cooler when outside in July? Total surprise.

It shouldn’t have been such a surprise, however. I am no longer wearing a 100 lb coat made of fat all over my body. I shed a layer of insulation that kept me hot, not just outside in the summer, but even in the home. We kept the temperature of our house chilly in the past because both Sherry and I were fat (or insulated) and to be comfortable, we needed the temperature to be low. Now that we’ve lost the weight, we found ourselves turning the temperature up. Some evenings, I still wear a sweat jacket in the house to keep myself warm as other family members don’t seem to be as affected by the cold as I am, but I’ll take that as a happy reminder that I’m no longer morbidly obese. I still have some weight to lose, but I’m already in the normal range for my age and it’s so good to actually fell normal.

I now understand how people could survive Texas in the summertime in the time before air conditioning. If you look at photographs from the “Olden Days,” the people were thin. Thin people don’t suffer nearly as much as fat people do in the heat. That’s part of why I think so many places have the AC set so low; so many people in our society today are fat.

So, there you have it. If you want to feel better outdoors in Texas in July, lose some weight. The difference it makes in the quality of life outdoors is immense and can’t be overstated.

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