Baby steps are better than sitting still

I was asked what I thought about someone going right into Paleo without doing a Whole30 first. My answer to that question is this: it’s better to go Paleo and skip doing a Whole30 than not doing either. The Paleo lifestyle doesn’t require a Whole30 first. I know many people who went Paleo without doing a Whole30 and they have reaped the rewards of a clean lifestyle of eating good, wholesome foods. I know people who have done Whole30 and stuck with it permanently. It’s all about finding your path and being comfortable with it.

My wife and I are happy on Paleo and while sometimes it can be hard to make the food for the week on Sundays, we find that by working together, we can get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. I try to be her sous chef to allow her to concentrate her efforts on the actual cooking. Besides, it works well for us; she loves to cook and I like chopping things. Et voila!

As it pertains to the bigger picture, taking any step toward better health is better than not starting. I began my weight loss journey almost three years ago by cutting out sodas and trying to moderate the amount of foods I ate. I wasn’t nearly as successful as I have been in the past ten months, but I did lose 19 lbs in that 26 months. It was a start, and while not as successful as the past 10 months have been for me, I wouldn’t be at 190 lbs right now had I not done that work to lose the first 19 lbs.

Anyone who starts doing anything at all to make their health better is working toward a goal in the right direction. If you take baby steps toward your goal, that’s a positive. It’s better than nothing. Once you get started and you start seeing some success, you may be motivated to take the next steps. Whether that’s adopting a Paleo lifestyle or taking part in a workout program, at least you are working in the right direction.

Don’t feel bad because you can’t go “All-in” like I have. Feel good that you’re doing something constructive and positive. Feel good that you care enough about your life and your health to make changes  you can live with. Feel good that you’re not one of the people who ignore their health and the way food affects them.

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