Keeping your chin up when your rate of weight loss is down

File_000 (12)Seeing others making progress while not making any yourself is tough and can be discouraging. I know, because from time to time, I watch Sherry lose weight while mine stays the same or even goes up. Then, it’s the opposite; I lose weight while Sherry stays the same. It’s much more fun being on the losing weight side of the equation, but what do you do when you watch someone else do exactly the same thing you’re doing yet they are finding success while you’re floundering?

Here are two things to consider. First is the fact that weight is only one measure of success in getting healthy. While I haven’t lost much weight in the past week, I’ve lost about an inch off my waist. My shirts fit better, and I’m having to consider new pants. Second, even if you are not losing weight or losing size, your body is reconfiguring itself and you are making progress toward getting healthy. You won’t stay stalled forever and eventually, your body will let go of the fat and you will lose size.

I keep my chin up by reminding myself of any of a number of successes:

  • I’ve lost weight
  • I’m making progress
  • I’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle
  • I’m actively taking control of my eating habits
  • I’m making good choices in which foods I put into my body
  • I’m wearing smaller clothing
  • I’ve donated a bunch of clothing to charity
  • I’ve helped others get healthy and to lose weight
  • I’ve never gone off the Lifestyle for more than a single meal at a holiday or party
  • When I do eat off-plan, I get right back on at the very next meal
  • I’ve not had alcohol but three times in the past ten months
  • I don’t snack
  • I don’t eat desserts
  • I don’t eat foods that hurt my body or my health

Some of these are redundant, but as I find more and more reasons to celebrate, it takes my mind off the negatives and the deflated feeling I get when I see the same weight day after day.

As luck would have it, I lost 2.5 lbs since yesterday’s weigh in. That’s after about a week of not losing weight, and accounts for nearly half of my weight loss in the past 30 days. This made me exceptionally happy this morning. I can also feel a difference in my pants; I had to close my belt one hole tighter.

The last point I would add to the things I remind myself is that there will be a day when I get to celebrate and be happy about my weight loss. If I lost weight every day without effort, the days I do lose weight would become commonplace and wouldn’t be special. It’s kind of nice to have those success days. It’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Current stats:
Weight: 186.7 lbs (Started 289.9 lbs on 9/1/15)
Body fat: 19.7% (Started 47% on 9/1/15)
BMI: 29.3 (Started 45.4 on 9/1/15)

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