A Handful of Food

My wife and I are currently on a Whole30 right now, and one of the things we had forgotten was that the portion sizes should fit into the palm of your hand. I know Whole30 says eat until you’re full, but it also recommends eating portions that could fit into the palm of your hand.

For me, it was important to learn to eat less. I also had to learn to slow down when I ate. Now, I eat my smaller portion and wait a little bit to see if I still need more food. Most times I don’t. For those few times that I do, I either eat just a little bit more, or I eat a few strawberries.

Eating the strawberries is good because I could use more fiber in my diet, and they’re full of water. They are also very low on natural sugar, so that’s a bonus.

Whole30 and Paleo are both great because they focus on good, whole foods that your body benefits from. The carbs you do eat tend to be better quality carbs from foods that are also packed with nutrients. I think it’s equally important to learn to eat the smaller portions as well, though. Eventually, your body adjusts, and your stomach actually shrinks. My own stomach now has smaller capacity than it used to. I ate wings last week and was stuffed after 7 of them. In the past, I could easily eat 15 and still be able to eat dessert.

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