What is keeping you from committing?

What is keeping you from going all-in on your health? What are the reasons why you haven’t yet been able to change your lifestyle from the one you currently live on to one that is healthy and more sustainable? What logic have you been using to keep yourself from making a change that can lengthen your life and allow your quality of life to improve? Whatever these arguments have been, you need to take a hard, long look at yourself and really think about whether these reasons are beneficial to you and your goals in life.

Nothing worthwhile is easy.

I never said that getting healthy and losing weight is without effort. I did say it felt easy for me as compared to what my perception of how hard it would be was. Was it a cake walk? No (and man, I love cake!), but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I made it out to be in my head. Just like anything, we build things up to be harder than they usually turn out to be unless we’re talking about a trek up Mount Everest: nobody expects it to be as hard as it turns out to be. Every time (and no, I haven’t done it myself, but I know people who have, and they all say the same thing, so I believe them).

I think the foundation upon which all objections to changing one’s lifestyle from whatever a person is eating now to one that is healthy and sustainable is based on their relationship with food. If you remove your love of pasta, bread, beans, rice, potatoes, etc, then it’s hard to argue the logic of eating foods that are not dense in carbs.

Until you can separate your love of foods from the decision required to accept the logic of eating foods that are healthier for you, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to change your lifestyle in a meaningful way. I say this from not only my own experience, but from what everyone I know who has been successful with Paleo has told me. People who struggle with Paleo or with doing a Whole30 have one thing in common: they have not come to grips with the relationship with food and haven’t made the long-term commitment to break up with those foods that are hurting them. Until you do that, you’re fighting an up-hill battle.

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