I could never…

Me in 2014 vs 2016; a difference of 125 lbs

At least once a day, I hear someone say to me, “I could never do what you’re doing.” Sherry and I talked about this last night as I was recounting my experience earlier in the day with someone asking me how I lost my weight and once I told them, they said they couldn’t do that. Sherry smiled and said, “Well, nobody can do anything. Until they can.”

It sounds simplistic and silly, but it’s true. I used to say I couldn’t give up carbs. Until I could. I reached a point where the decision was a simple one. It’s that tipping point from, “I can’t do this” to “I have to do this” or “I will do this.”

I can’t push you to make the decision to eat healthy or to do what it takes to eat right and lose weight. Only you can do that yourself. You have to find your motivation, whatever it may be. Once you do, I can encourage you, congratulate you, and push you to keep going, but I can’t get you there. That’s all on you.

If you’re not willing to go 100% toward this goal, you are wasting your time. I say that not to someone who is trying and occasionally slips and cheats, but to those who give lip service to eating right yet continually make exceptions and don’t stick to the plan and then wonder why they aren’t seeing the results I have experienced.

There are things I could never do. I could never go anything less than 100% on this lifestyle. I could never go back to eating pre-processed, added-sugar foods. I could never give up and eat the way I used to. I could never go back to how I used to be: fat, out of shape, and always in pain.

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