Down 4.6 lbs in the past 30 days, but…

File_000 (24)
Me at 184 lbs, August 2016

While I’ve lost only 4.6 lbs in the past month, I’ve lost more in my overall size and lost 2 lbs this week alone! My shirts are now a solid size medium after being sort of in-between sizes for a while. My trousers are sub-34″, although 32’s are a little snug, I’m sticking with the 34’s for now. I think I should be able to last another month in 34’s before moving on to 32’s.

As I have been losing weight, I’ve had to buy quite a bit of new clothing. I haven’t worn anything this small since I was in my late 20’s, and any of those clothing are now long gone (and out of fashion!). I’ve been doing a lot of shopping at Kohl’s as well as the Outlet Mall. It’s helped curb the expense a bunch. I’ve also resorted to getting only a few pairs of trousers and shirts as my weight keeps dropping.

It’s weird: I’ve been a little cranky about my lack of weight loss, but after visiting the store last night and getting a few new shirts that are mediums, I feel much better. It’s progress I can see and feel, and it’s reinforcement to the fact that the results keep on coming. All the work I’m doing with my eating habits continues to pay off. Adding the push ups seems to have boosted my weight loss, too.

The point of all this is that sometimes, progress is slow or even unnoticeable, but progress is being made nonetheless. I still feel great, my body is leaner, and I’m able to do some exercise without dying.

As my friend Elaine has noted, every small victory counts. I’ll take smaller shirt sizes and loosening pants any day.

I’m currently at 182.1 lbs; almost into the 170’s!

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