Planning for Vacation

The last major trip Sherry and I took was to Vancouver and Seattle, and it was a completely new experience traveling while thinner. Our last trip overseas was in 2014, and I weighed over 310 lbs. Sitting in the seat on the plane was tight, walking all over Budapest and Vienna was hard for me to do, and in some ways, I think our enjoyment of the cities was hampered by my weight. I was limited in the amount of activity I could do each day.

trippicIn Seattle and Vancouver, the opposite was true. We did so much each day, we couldn’t believe we were getting it all in. On our first and second day, I was literally running from place to place as I was so filled with energy and excitement that Sherry literally had to chase after me. She was laughing most of the time because it was such a contrast to our last major trip.

On Monday night, we found ourselves planning our next major overseas trip: Spain. I am really looking forward to it, not only because I have yet to visit Spain, but because we are once again traveling with our good friends Kenny and Elaine with whom we went to Hungary and Austria with in 2014. We’ve done some smaller trips with them as well, and it turns out we travel well together. The main difference this time will be the fact that I’m over 125 lbs lighter than I was on the previous trips. I’m really looking forward to all aspects of it now, as well as the walking, hiking, and exploring.

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