Do you get tired of writing about Paleo all the time?

This is another in the series of posts about questions I receive from readers.

I’m asked often by people who have been reading this blog for a while, “Do you ever get tired of writing about Paleo?” Well, the short answer is NO! The long answer is what follows.

File_000 (39)

I started this blog to get all my exuberance and excitement off my chest without barraging my friends and family with nutrition info. I needed an outlet for my new-found energy, and this blog was it. While it initially began life as a blog called The Fat Marine, it evolved into PaleoMarine as I evolved from a fat Marine to a fit PaleoMarine.

While I’ve been on this journey for a year, I only started the blog back in January. In that time, if anything, I’ve felt a greater responsibility to post at least once a day; sometimes more. This sense of responsibility comes from the emails, messages, comments, and phone calls I get from people who want to try to lose weight and to get healthy. These people have come to rely on my motivation, my inspiration, and the information I post. It is for these people that I keep going.

Now, after a year, I no longer feel the need to get as much off my chest, yet I find posting here a comfortable way to expound on thoughts that come to me throughout the course of the week. It is also an outlet for me to make statements based on things I either read or see throughout my daily travels.

I hope that my constant posting brings value and helps people. I hope it continues to inspire and motivate, and at least, I hope it’s entertaining.

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