My Results ARE Typical

This is the photo I posted to Reddit a few months ago.

You know those advertisements where they show you someone who lost 30 lbs in two months and they say, “Weight loss not typical; your results will vary?” They say that because they know that the results are not dependent on the product they are selling, but on the person who is using the product to eat properly.

There are many people who I’ve spoken with about weight loss, and at some point, they say, “Well, you’re just lucky. Your weight loss can’t be typical for someone who just eats Paleo.” Well, that’s not so true.

For those who stick to Paleo like Sherry and I have, the weight loss we’ve experienced is very typical for people who are as overweight as we were. If you don’t have that much excess weight, obviously your weight loss will be less.

I gained a lot of motivation before starting by looking at a subreddit on called Progress Pictures. These pictures intrigued me, because it showed so many people of all ages and walks of life using diet and exercise to lose weight. Before and after pictures went a long way toward proving to me that what I wanted to do was possible. If a guy over 60 could do the same thing as an 18 year old and get the same results, then maybe I could.

I can’t say how much that site motivated me. I would read the stories of those who posted their photos, and I was convinced that I could do it, too. The vast majority of them talked about how they used diet first and foremost to lose the weight and exercise for toning.

I posted my pictures there, too, once I lost a big bunch of weight. The people there were thankful, and I received a lot of messages from people who were just like I was back before I began to lose weight. They were getting motivation from my pictures. In a sense, I’d come full circle.

My results are typical. If you do the work, eat good food, and eliminate sugar, you will lose the weight.

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