For the love of all logic, Low-Fat is NOT GOOD!


I see people on Facebook posting about their healthy meals and then I see what they consider healthy: “Low-fat.”


It seriously hurts my head to see that in 2016, people still believe that low-fat is healthy. Are there bad fats? Sure! Trans-fat and vegetable oils are inflammatory and not good for us. However, just about every other kind of fat is good for us. Heck, 90% of us don’t get enough Omega-3’s which is found abundantly in fish.

It seems that the fact that what we learned in biology and physiology classes doesn’t match with nutrition “science” has never occurred to anyone. Our brains? 60% fat. Where does our body produce fat? In the liver from SUGAR. What does our arteries an veins need to remain pliable? Fat.

Now, there is a difference in fats. Eating French fries made in vegetable oil are bad for you, while fries made in coconut oil are actually pretty good for you. All fries are not created equally!

There are lots of articles and books out there that discuss this. Scientific research is being released at a frantic pace refuting the bad and sugar industry-sponsored pseudo-science that has masqueraded as nutritional science. Just as we now know that the sun isn’t actually revolving around the Earth, so are we learning that fat in our bodies doesn’t come from eating fat. Our understanding of not only the universe, but of our own bodies is evolving all the time. Fortunately, we have understood for over 70 years that sugar makes us fat. If it weren’t for the bad science of the 50’s and the sugar lobby, we’d all be much healthier now.

Do yourself a favor. Learn about sugar vs fat, and stop eating low-fat. Eating low-fat is actually worse for you, and is now being linked to obesity and shorter lifespans.

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