Is it really so hard?

Me at Jungle Environment Survival Training in 1991.

What makes something hard? What is it about anything you consider difficult that makes it so? If you can think of the obstacles before you, then you can also think of the ways to defeat those obstacles. Losing weight and getting fit is no different.

But I love fast food!” So do I. I had to make a choice between the instant gratification of eating fast food to the long-term benefits of being healthy.

I hate exercise.” So do did I. Fortunately, weight loss is 90% dietary, so if you want to lose weight, it’s easy to do with some discipline and motivation.

It’s hard to stick to a diet.” What is making it hard? Your willpower? Your inability to resist temptation? Your extreme love of certain foods? If any of these are the case, these are things you need to address before you can really start on a diet plan.

I can’t give up donuts.” Or any specific food for that matter. Well, I’m not advocating giving up on any foods for life. You just need to cut them out for a while until you reach a goal weight, and then, you can have those foods as treats every now and then. You just need to cut them out from your daily or even weekly meals.

In the end, anything is only as hard as we allow them to be. I set my mind to losing 100 lbs in a year, and I did it because it became the most important goal I had. I accomplished my goal because I knew it was the best thing for me to do, and it was necessary.

You’ve done harder things. You can do this, too. You just need to decide: are you worth it? If so, then stop making excuses, make a plan, and execute!

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