Myth Tackled: Targeting Fat Areas

Yes, that’s me in my underwear. I have areas of fat that I need to be patient with.

You know those commercials on TV that tell you that if you buy their ab-roller, it’ll flatten your stomach by removing fat? How about those who think that using dumbbells will take the fat off their arms? I have bad news for them; it’s all a myth. You cannot exercise a certain part of your body to reduce the fat there. You WILL build muscle, but you will not remove fat there. That’s not how it works.

Your body burns away, or more precisely, flushes away the fat after the fat cells are no longer needed and the fat content of the cells are depleted for a period of time (around 45 days). Exercising a certain muscle doesn’t necessarily draw the fat from these storage cells directly adjacent to the muscles. That’s just not how the body works. The body pulls energy from all the cells on a pretty much equal basis from your entire body at the same time. The energy in these cells is drawn into the blood which then carries the energy where its needed. Muscles can’t directly pull from the fat cells.

Problem area with lots of fat? Sorry; you have to continue to lose the fat and let the body use up the fat there on its own. Nothing you do will make that one target area lose its fat. Nothing. No pill, no specific exercise, nothing. Now, exercise WILL build muscle, and building good, strong muscles under fat areas will help that area look better, and once the fat goes away, you will have glorious and beautiful muscles to show, but you won’t get rid of the fat on your arms by using dumbbells all day. It just doesn’t work that way.

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