That face you make when someone on Facebook who always posts about their weight loss journey posts about eating something horrible followed by a post wondering why they aren’t losing weight.


Are they trolling, or are they really oblivious?

Weight loss is 90% diet. Eat right, and your body will reward you. Eat crap, and your body will respond accordingly. It’s a pretty easy concept.

Please, for the love of all things, if you’re going to post about how hard you work out and how hard you’re trying to lose weight and then post about the awesome Cinnabon you ate and a few hours later post about how hard it’s been for you to lose weight, know that while I’m not judging you, I’m making the face in the picture above. You know what to do. You know the right way to do this. You’re making a conscious decision to sabotage your progress. And for that, you get no sympathy from me.

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