Fall Flavors

Some new flavors that turned out great!

Our Daily Bacon

This weekend, E.J. and I made our annual visit to the Texas Renaissance Festival with our friends Kenny and Elaine.  Fortunately, Paleo options abound at the fair, and we feasted on sausage, sweet potato tots, and sauerkraut. We wore the same outfits as last year, but we both had to make some major adjustments to our costumes to get them to fit right.  E.J. ended up ordering another shirt and kilt since the old ones were too big to alter, and I tore apart the shirt, vest, and skirt, cutting out 6 inches or so out and putting it all back together.

It’s amazing what a difference a year makes.

On Sunday, it was back to the weekly prep, and while some ribs were doing their thing in the smoker, I worked on a few seasonably autumn dishes.

First, I started the Crock Pot going on this excellent Beef and…

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