Still Paleo and Running

This was a day of many personal bests for me, hence the funny look on my face.

I was asked recently if I’m still Paleo since I’m running every other day (and sometimes back-to-back days). I answered that of course I am!

I know that many runners, especially distance runners, eat lots of carbs to load up on energy for their bodies to use on those long runs. I, however, am not a distance runner. I run to be fit. I enjoy it, and I find myself working toward new personal bests, but running long distance is not a goal of mine. I just enjoy running and the feeling I have afterward. So far, I’ve been able to run successfully without eating an abundance of carbs.

Eating Paleo has been the best thing to happen to me in regards to my health. I lost over 110 lbs in a year and it’s allowed me to begin running. I’m not not only thinner but healthier and getting fit. I can do 50 push ups and run sub 9-minute miles, all while eating Paleo.

Paleo isn’t some weird fad. It’s based on solid science. Sure, there are some strange parts of the Paleo movement that I don’t necessarily concentrate on or even agree with, but when it comes to getting rid of grains, sugar, soy, and dairy, that all makes solid sense to me, and the improvements in my health, my wife’s health, and in the health of all who have followed me have proven that the Paleo diet is much better for us than man other diets out there. And by diet, I mean long-term eating habits and not a program for weight loss, because weight loss programs are not long-term sustainable.

My wife’s blog has many great recipes, and by doing a Google search, you can find hundreds of thousands of great Paleo recipes. There’s a Paleo option for nearly every type of food out there. Check them out. We’ve found that the vast majority of them are delicious, filling, and good for you.

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