I’m not the Paleo Police; Don’t apologize for not eating Paleo if you don’t want to

File_000 (8)
Yummy blueberry pancakes made by Sherry.

I get this all the time; “I’m sorry I’m eating cookies in front of you.” Don’t be sorry! Eat your food the way you want to! I won’t judge you!

I also get told by people who normally eat Paleo, “I don’t normally eat this, but I am going to just this once.” It’s okay. Eat what you want. It doesn’t offend me, and I won’t think any less of you for eating what you are eating.

I’ve heard, “I feel sorry for you because you can’t have any of this cake or ice cream.” Again, it’s okay for you to eat what you want, and by all means, don’t feel sorry for me. Enjoy your food! I enjoy mine!

One of my favorites: “Well, I’m going to eat this anyway even though you think it’s bad for you.” Don’t let my presence pressure you into not eating something you would otherwise eat. I make my food decisions just as you make your own. Just because I think it’s bad for me doesn’t make it bad for you. That’s a decision for you to make for yourself.

I’m not missing anything by not having regular cake and ice cream. I’m not missing out at all, in fact, because I do have cake and ice cream and cookies and many other goodies. Only, I have them very rarely, and even when I do, they’re Paleo. I will make the occasional exception for a birthday cake or holiday celebration, but normally I’ll just say, “No thanks.”

I am an advocate for Paleo and for Whole30, and it seems I’ve become an advocate for running as well. I am not, however, someone who will guilt or shame anyone else for not eating Paleo or running. Those are very personal decisions and it’s not my place to impose my decisions on anyone else. If I’m asked, however, I will give you my opinion and the best pitch I can for you to eat well and get some exercise. That, I can promise.

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