Fitness Journey: It’s not a destination


It’s a funny thing. I started my weight loss journey with a goal of losing over 100 lbs and getting healthy again. I’ve accomplished those goals, and it feels great! Yet the strange part is that once I got there, I didn’t feel done. I felt as if I’ve only just gotten started. Sure, I met the weight loss goal, and yes, I’m healthier, but now that I’m at this point, I realize that this is just the beginning of a new, healthier life.

It’s been a fun ride, and fortunately, fifteen months after I started, I’m still enjoying the food and the exercise. Yes, the exercise is a new thing in the journey having started only on September 10th, but it’s something I still enjoy and I look forward to every time.

The point is that our health and fitness isn’t a destination. It’s why I refer to my weight loss as a journey. It’s a journey to stay fit and to stay healthy. Fortunately, the journey doesn’t have to be without good food and without having fun. Sherry has done a superb job with making wonderful and delicious foods, and I’m never hungry or craving snacks.

Now that I’ve added exercise to my plan, I also feel much better. I can’t imagine not running every other day now, and as I look back on my journey so far, I feel fortunate to have lost enough weight to be able to run safely now. It makes it that much better.

Don’t look at weight loss or fitness as something you will get to. There is no destination. It’s a journey that you are in charge of. You get to decide the twists and turns and where the detours are. It doesn’t have to be drudgery. It can be a lot of fun! Mine has been!

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