Don’t Try To Keep Up

us20072016I’ve noticed people getting discouraged in their own weight loss journey because they find themselves unable to keep up with the rate of weight loss someone else has achieved. STOP! Don’t be this person! We all start at different weights with different body types, conditions, and amounts to lose. I started at over 290 lbs and my ideal weight is over 130 lbs less. My body was more than happy to let go of the weight at a fast rate because I was so far overweight. For someone who is only 50 lbs overweight, it’s going to be  harder to lose the big numbers fast than for someone 150 lbs overweight.

If you have less to lose, your number of pounds lost per week or month will be less than mine was in the beginning. However, it’s the rate as a percentage of the whole you should be looking at. When I weighed 290 lbs, I lost 20 lbs in my first month. Sherry was nearly 100 lbs less and lost 10 lbs. Who lost more? Actually, she did, because she weighed less and her loss percentage was higher than mine.

Don’t try to match my numbers or anyone else’s numbers. Don’t try to match any numbers. Just stick with your plan and you will see results. Sure, they almost always never live up to your expectations or goals, but success is success, and when we’re talking about health, we need to take any and all successes we can. It all adds up, and in the end, these little losses accumulate and add up to big losses. At fifteen months later and 113 lbs lighter, I still can’t believe that I’ve lost as much as I have. It’s a great feeling and I am proud of the accomplishment. Most of all, I’m happy that my body is no longer at war with itself trying to keep all systems operating properly.

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